About Ramrana Marbles

Ram Rana Marble Provide 100% Pure Makrana Marble. Makrana marble the world famous marble its also know sangmarmar.
Makrana Marble 100% natural without any chemical treatment, excellent polish retaining capability and can with stand extreme climatic conditions. slabs and tiles both are available.

Types of Makrana Marbles. If I talk about Makrana Marble. Makrana Marbles splits into various categories according to its design and pattern. The following are the exclusive marbles that are mined and manufactured at Makrana Marble City.

Makrana White Marbles If I talk about. This marble is highly useing in residential & commercial buildings and numerous temples, mosques, churches, school, college,Home and monuments,

it can be use for decorative purpose in houses, hotels, corporate offices and Restaurants, western and Indian sculptures, handicrafts. Makrana Brown Albeta Marbles If I talk about Brown Albeta Marbles This marble stone is a calcite stone.

It is a milky white marble. This marble also available in grey and panther brown pattern. The marble stone is available in various forms such as natural blocks, large & small slabs, regular tiles and lerra size. Makrana Dungri Marbles

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Ram Ratan Saini : +91 9829074358

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